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Earn more money, one table at a time

Setting goals and targets can be fun. But sometimes, when you realise the jump you need to make, it can often feel too daunting or intimidating to get started. And what that happens, you’ll struggle to move forward. Either procrastinating or stopping altogether. 

We’re always looking at how we can help our customers in different ways, and so we’ve come up with a new plan to profit spreadsheet to break down your ambitions to a daily target. We know this will make your goal seem more attainable, or maybe outrageous, but we hope it will give you ideas to get you there. 

Once you’ve filled your details, all you need to do is get together a few bits of information to fill it in when it lands in your inbox.

1. Current income (ideally dividends from the accounts)
2. Food / drink cost as a percentage of income
3. Wage cost as a percentage of income
4. The level of dividends you want to draw from your company. 

Once you’ve filled in the spreadsheet, you will be given a number which is the number of tables extra per day you need to sell to draw your required income level. We’ll look forward to hearing how you get on!

Plan to Profit
Download your personal copy of the ‘Plan to Profit’ worksheet now!

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