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You’re one of millions of business owners who drive the economy. You work hard, have ups and downs more than any employee could ever believe, and you keep going. Your business is your very own, you love it and you have days when you hate it.

Woodville want to help you when things may seem out of control. We can reassure you, we’ve seen businesses turnaround from loss to profit, from zero staff to 15 and more, from no time off at all to weeks away.

Only you know what you want out of your business, whether you want to be answering emails at 10pm #work-life blur, or going on a bike ride at 11am. Your business is yours to make your own. Woodville help to find the solution and define your next steps.

Some of Your Work-Life-Balance Challenges

  • I find it difficult to find time for myself.
    Most business owners go through times of feeling like this. There are various ways to try and get some time back including simply scheduling the time or seeing what you can outsource.

  • I have too much work on, and don’t have time to think about the strategy or profit.
    Again, most business owners have been through this. However, without scheduling this time, you will find it very difficult to get your business working for you. Our strategy days can give you the time to do this crucial work.

  • I’m working harder, but not seeing any results. What can I do?
    You need to let us ask you some questions! Are you working on the right things? Are you outsourcing everything you don’t need to do? Is it just a matter of time before things correct themselves? Is it your business, or the market in general?

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