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We’ll support you to ensure you win the work you want. Price too high and you could lose business to competitors or price too low and you won’t make enough money.

Whilst we’re not marketing experts, we read a lot on the subject. We combine this knowledge with our accounting expertise and business experience to help you unlock the value in your products and services.

We also work with a range of other businesses who can help where we can’t.  If you need some amazing copy writing, we can point you in the right direction. Or maybe you want an awesome social media & ad-words campaign, we know the people. These added extra’s can help you get to unlock the value in your business and allow you to earn what you should be earning.

Some of Your Pricing Challenges

  • I find it difficult to know how much I should charge my customers.
    We can analyse your competitors and give you details on where you should be. We can also help you to find additional value in your products and services so you don’t undersell.

  • I don’t know how my pricing is affecting my bottom line.
    You need to spend some time with us so we can show you how much extra you could be making by selling less and charging more. Or even better, selling more at a better price.

  • If I put my prices up, will I lose all my customers?
    Price rises can be difficult. Often the biggest difficulty is convincing yourself that you’re worth it. Once you do, providing you let your customers know what you’re doing and what they’re getting, you’ll often find you won’t lose any. You may even gain some as new customers will see a higher price as an indicator the service and/or product is better.

  • I want to win more business, should I drop my price?
    You need a Woodville Pricing Strategy Session. This will give us the time to work out if there’s any other issues stopping you winning more work at your current prices. Dropping prices may be needed sometimes, however, it can be difficult to raise them back up to where they should be.