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First Steps

At this stage you’re probably starting out on your business journey. It’s only natural to want to grow both personally and financially.

Personal growth comes from continuously learning. Financial growth comes from creating the best products or services in your industry.

Our knowledge and advice give you a sound financial base to increase your earnings, which will fuel your growth.

Next Steps

You’ve reached a level now where life is comfortable, you have clients and are earning money – but you want to know how to take it to the next level. Is it additional staff, growing your customer base, increasing prices or cutting expenses.

Growth can mean different things for different businesses. We can help you grow your client base with our marketing suggestions, increase your profit by adding extra services, reducing expenses or by having that extra pair of eyes advising you in our management meetings.

Staying at the top

When you’re at the top of your field, you have to make sure you’re constantly innovating and updating your products and services to stay there. You’ll have competitors to stay in front of, new technology to implement and staff challenges within your mature team.

At this stage of your business, we attend regular board meetings with you and your team ensuring targets are achieved and decisions implemented. We also seek to find out potential problems before they occur ensuring that you stay on top in your industry.


We have looked after a customer’s bakery accounts since it was purchased in 2014. In that time we have helped them change systems from a manual one to electronic. Using this more accurate and up to date information, we have helped him to save 25% off his wage bill (£16k / year), which has boosted its growth tremendously. We have helped this business owner learn about himself and his business which will allow him to continue supporting the local economy by creating jobs, buying products and selling more.

We’re now helping him grow into a factory which will revolutionise his business again as he grows his team when new roles are created. Board meetings will be essential in this exciting time to ensure the right actions are focused on by the right people to enable continued growth.

Some of Your Growth Challenges

  • I don’t know if I really have it in me to ‘grow’, but I do aspire to have more time/money
    Growth means different things to different people. We’ll find our your version and help you to achieve that. There isn’t a right or wrong answer!

  • I don’t think my current accountant really understands my business, they’re just don’t seem interested.
    We hear this a lot. You need a proactive accountant who gets involved in the nitty gritty, ensuring your business works for you.

  • I want to grow, but don’t have any time or money
    There’s plenty of things you can do on a budget to grow your business, we can help with this. With lack of time, we would argue you have a lack of priorities. Ask us here to find out what we mean.