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Restaurant Accountants you won’t take with a pinch of salt

Helping you cut through the numbers with the best Tsuki

Forward thinking Restaurant Accountants

As specialists in the hospitality trade, we understand your problems.

  • You want up to date reporting with easy ways to keep on top of administration.
  • You want to know what your numbers are saying so that you can make better business decisions.
  • You want to free up time away from the administration so you can get back to building your business or spending time with your family.

We have the tools and knowledge to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

What you're looking for...

  • Instant Reporting

    Instant Reporting

    Are you fed up of waiting 18 months to find out what profit you’ve made? Do you know which day is your most profitable? Or what your wage to income percentage is?

    We use the latest tools such as QuickBooks Online, Auto Entry and EPOS systems to help you get instant results on these and more. Once set up, we can start to look for patterns which could help you plan your purchasing or staffing rotas. This allows you make real time business decisions and boost your profits.

  • Healthy Margins

    Healthy Margins

    How much could you save by cutting your margins? Or make extra by increasing sales and keeping costs the same?

    Restaurants live and die by their wage and stock costs. You need to keep an eagle eye on these key margins. We use online tools, along with monthly calls, board meetings and board reports to make sure you keep on track. And if you do stray off, it’s not for long.

  • Easy Admin

    Easy Admin

    Are you sick of paperwork? We know what it’s like, stuck in piles of receipts for hours on end. Normally because you let it build up rather than dealing with it at the time.

    We have an easy app which will save bookkeeping costs and administration time. No more piles of receipts. We’ve not kept any hard copies since 2017!

We Understand Your Challenges

  • Paying Taxes

    Paying Taxes

    Let’s be honest, no one likes paying taxes. But having to pay them indicates a healthy business. And bigger tax bills mean bigger profits. Which means more for you!

    We  prefer the problem of bigger tax bills. And we have ways to help you keep on top of them. We’ll help you take PAYE, VAT, corporation and personal tax in your stride and grow your business at the same time.

  • Managing Payroll

    Managing Payroll

    From calculating the pay run to making sure you’re on top of holidays, HR, HMRC and auto-enrolment duties, payroll can take a good while. And that’s before you get to paying your team.

    We offer a fully serviced payroll function which includes employee portal, electronic payslips delivered straight to your team and can even take the pain of paying them from you!

  • Multiple sites

    Multiple sites

    Going from your single, first unit can be a daunting task. However, it’s one which could be needed to increase market share and create the earnings you want for you and your family.

    We help to ensure you have adequate working capital in place to fund the unit and you don’t get caught short.

A New Way Of Working...

Discovery Call

All of new our business relationships start with a discovery call. We have set questions where we’re learning as much as we can in our first 20 minute conversation. Our main aim is to ensure we know we can add value to your business.

We always start with a blank pad. Give us a call to go through your Discovery Call now.

Kick Starter Meeting

After sign up you go through an onboarding process. The first stage of this is a Kick Starter Meeting. In this we’ll be running through a growing list of (currently) 20 questions. We’re making sure we’re leaving no stone un-turned and can help you best from the get-go.


Business Plan

We’re not talking about a 20 page document you spend hours  making but never read. We’ve created a 3-2-1 business plan which gets you focused on the present.

It’s a 3 months business plan, done in 2 hours on 1 sheet of paper. It will take you closer to your main goals over the next 3 months. If you want to keep reviewing and up to date, make sure you book quarterly review meetings with us!

Monthly Calls

Our scheduled monthly calls aim to make sure you know where your business is month to month. We will give you a quick update of the key figures, along with anything that needs to be brought to your attention. We produce a small report which gives you something to take a read over and help you decide what (if any) actions need taking.

We think it’s much better to know what’s around the corner, these calls will give you just that.

Bespoke Pricing

I know a lot of accountants talk about bespoke pricing. We actually do it, it’s not based on your current price minus 10% (like how we used to do it!)

We need to know your numbers such as volume of different transactions, turnover and number of staff. We then give you a proposal based on what you need to make your accountancy function 10 out of 10.

Outsourced, inhouse

If you can’t afford an in-house finance function, at whatever level you’re missing, then we’re here to solve that problem. Our expertise mean we can get the job done which you need. From any level you need. We’ll come in (if we need to) get the job done and leave you to running your business.

Book a discovery call now and see how we can start to improve your business.

Plan to Profit

Growing a business can be tough. And sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you look at the gap from your current earnings to your targeted ones.

We like to break goals down to their smallest possible steps. Because this can make them seem more achievable.

When we were thinking about how we can help you earn more income, we broke it down into a spreadsheet (of course!)  The spreadsheet works out how many extra tables you need to sell per day to achieve your desired level of income.

Check it out here –

Plan to Profit
Download your personal copy of the ‘Plan to Profit’ worksheet now!

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