We’ve beeee-n busy

  • Flooded office
  • Bee nest uncovered
  • 6music's - Bee Saver of the Day

Michael Godsmark,

July 11, 2014

June has been a testing month for us at the Chorley accountants office.

The heavy rain at the start of the month combined with a failed drain near our Yarrow Business Centre office caused a flood over a weekend that reeked havoc for us.

We were forced to move back to our first office (my spare room), whilst the insurers assessed the damage. Luckily the only major pain was unplugging and reconnecting the computers, changing the voicemails and setting up auto-responding emails.

By the following Thursday we were allowed back into the Yarrow Business Centre office to set things back up. However, our meeting room was a little different, it was full of bumblebees!

It soon became apparent that the carpets being lifted had revealed a hole in the floor, which was the unintended back entrance to a bee nest.

Around 30 bees were in the room that didn’t have any energy to fly out. As avid listeners of BBC 6music in the office, we knew from the Radcliffe & Maconie radio show that tired bees just need some sugar water to help them on their way.

After placing several small pools of sugar water around the room, opening the window, and waiting a short while, slowly but surely they revived themselves and flew out on their way to pollinate the countryside. The hole was then covered leaving the bees to use their normal exit!

After a couple of weeks of drying the floor with an industrial dehumidifier, extracting at least 50 litres, the carpets are back down and we’re back buzzing as a hive of fruitful activity.

We do still have the odd arrival of bee though through the window. Rescuing one today, BBC6music gave us title of ‘bee saver of the day’ after tweeting them a picture of saving the bee!

Anyway, I think this blog has deviated far enough from accountancy, business and tax.

Speak soon

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Michael is an enthusiastic and cheerful individual who, when not hard at work, enjoys mountain biking, cooking curry and travelling to new places.


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