Tips for business – after Accountex show

  • The importance of a plan
  • Reach out to customers in person
  • Tweet your way to success

Michael Godsmark,

May 18, 2014

Our Chorley accountants took time out of the busy period we are in to visit Europe’s biggest accountancy conference in London.

Accountex is now in its third year and I’ve found it to be a great opportunity to meet the people who build our software and find new ideas for the year ahead.

Whilst there, we picked up some tips for business which I think can help all trades and professions, not just ours.

Business Plan

I wrote down the words ‘business plan’ three times in three different seminars. I think that has re-highlighted to me the importance of having one and sticking to it.

I think it’s too easy in business to become bogged down in the day-to-day business of ‘work’ and forget about the direction of your business. A thought-out business plan can help to keep you on track and focus your time.

A plan can also help with the importance of budgeting. This is something that can easily be lost on new businesses. A business plan can ensure you don’t overspend and help your business prosper.

How recent is yours?
When was the last time you read it?
Do you even have one?

Videos on websites

At a business-coaching seminar we were told that there are now more searches on YouTube than Google. As Google owns YouTube, this isn’t an issue, however, Google is starting to rank websites with videos higher than those without video.

As well as this, there is the importance of making your business seem human. This is explained in the article here by Derek Halpern –

Would you like to have your business accessible at all hours?
How many customers could you reach?
Do you even have a website?


On the way to London we chatted to one of the Accountex speakers over Twitter, letting him know we were looking forward to hearing him speak and the like.  One of his responses seemed a little strange when we first read it, but made a lot of sense at his talk later that day.

Mark Lee said that businesses should have a personal account on Twitter that acts for the business, especially one with a personal profile picture.

He explained that this makes the business much more approachable and customers, or potential ones, are more likely to communicate more with you for doing so.

Do you want to increase your followers?
Could you make your business tweets more personal?
Do you even have a twitter account?


We’re off to review (probably rewrite) our business plan now, are you going to do the same? Book in for a coffee and cake with our Chorley accountants if you want us to cast our eyes over yours, or help you write one!

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