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Michael Godsmark,

January 25, 2018

There’s a well used marketing phrase which is echoed throughout our industry. When we use it however, we mean it. Whether it’s recommending books to read, TED talks to watch or just having a natter, we will always aim to go the extra mile.

In this example we had been discussing the customer quotation process with one of our contractor clients. He highlighted to us that he spent so much time preparing quotes for potential customers that it had started to greatly impact on his work life balance and reduced the time he was able to spend with his family.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that accountants love spreadsheets. We think they have the potential to solve most of life’s problems and we saw a great use for one here.

We collected together all the variables –

  • The Project Manager – So many contractors forget to include themselves as a cost in the build. And then they wonder why there’s no money left at the end of a project.
  • Gross Margin – The percentage you make on materials and labour will make or break your business.
  • Standard Materials – If you can calculate the cost of a building process which you do regularly, we can save you time in future.
  • Extras – We know that many contractors forget to bill extra jobs completed on site, or have disputes at the end of the job regarding additional work completed.
  • VAT on Quotes – this is where most contractors say jobs will be won or lost.

Using these variables, we built him a spreadsheet to streamline his quotes along with a user guide to help him do it.

The quotation workbook has now been in use for a year, and our client uses it on every single quote. He said the more he uses it, the more time it saves him. Plus, he’s able to bill correctly and earn the profit his business needs.

Our customer said it was so useful to him that we are giving it away for free here so you can enjoy the same time savings and improved accuracy and professionalism in your quotes.

What are your needs?

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