Company Vision – and why you need one

  • Setting your company vision
  • Focusing decision making
  • Communicating to customers

Michael Godsmark,

June 9, 2017

Just before Christmas 2016 we sent a selection of our customers a series of emails focused on business growth. We will now be releasing these weekly on our blog.

This week is about setting your company vision and 4 reasons why it’s critical to your success.

1. It sets the company direction

When you know where you’re aiming, all of your activities will be focused around that target. Work which may have seemed important and relevant, may not be when compared to your vision. That leads to the question, if an activity isn’t helping you get there, do you need to be doing it?
2. Focuses your decision making
As a business leader, you will be presented with opportunities and have your own entrepreneurial ideas. It’s important to check these opportunities align with your vision. If they don’t, should you be taking them? Maybe you should, it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. But having that vision in place can help to filter out the real opportunities from the rainbow chasing ideas out there.
3. Helps you communicate with your customers
They will see the values you have and what you are working to achieve in your business. It will also speak to potential customers who will see that you stand out from the crowd of other businesses in your field.
4. Your employees know what you’re trying to achieve
It becomes much easier when your employees know what and why they’re trying to achieve. Plus, it helps you to set their targets and goals around your shared vision.We have recently been working on our company vision and our latest version is –
“We work with business leaders who want to grow their businesses, themselves or increase their social value.”
This isn’t specific enough yet, but it’s a start, and it’s helped us to create this email series, which we hope will set you down a similar route (if you’re not on it already!)Extra reading
There’s a Shopify article here, which helps explain how you can start to create your company vision and examples of good ones.Something to work on
Put aside 15 minutes to think about what your company vision would be.

  • What can you come up with which encapsulates what you’re trying to achieve in your business?
  • Does it fit with your personal values? Does it fit with your current business model?
We’ll look forward to hearing about your company visions!One final thoughtI ordered a package online and the image below was on the outside of the box. It’s telling me what they’re setting out to achieve. And inside the box was a free gift, which actually did make me say, “Wow!” Mission complete.

Make sure that you communicate your mission, and help to give someone else their“Wow” moment.

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