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Michael Godsmark,

January 6, 2015

As Chorley Accountants, we like to get involved in anything which will help to promote other local businesses in our area. Whether that be through referrals we feed to other customers, local networking events or social media campaigns.

#Chorleyshour is part of a wave of similar series of weekly events across Twitter. Local businesses promote their products and services at a specific time each week (Chorley – Tuesday’s 8-9PM). Using the hashtag #Chorleyshour (or your nearest town) other local businesses see this and retweet to their followers hoping to build reciprocal retweets and grow their network with potential business between followers.

#Chorleyshour has grown so big that local solicitor Donna of Beckett & Co has started a new event to put faces to tweets. Chorley Tweet Up has had a couple of events now and we attended the most recent one in November 2014. It was great to meet some of the people we’ve been speaking to on Twitter in person and was an all round great event.

Roll on the next one!

Are you involved in your local area’s social media business drive? Let us know when your hour is and we’ll get involved with you!

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