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Michael Godsmark,

June 20, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good business podcast? They’re all the good bits of a radio show wrapped into a bite-sized nugget – perfect for turning a boring commute into something you can claim is vaguely productive.

Maybe the World Cup has got us all patriotic, but in the very US-centric world of podcasting, we figured it was time to showcase what we Brits have to offer in terms of podcasts.

So please, grab a jolly good cup of tea, maybe a Hobnob if you’re feeling particularly devilish, and form an orderly queue as we celebrate our best of British business podcasts…


Internet Marketing Podcast

No prizes for guessing what this one’s about. It’s the UK’s leading internet marketing podcast with over half a million downloads. Each 30-minutes-ish episode interviews a leader in the field who gives tips, insights and practical advice on the mercurial world of online marketing.

Episode to get hooked on: #398 Why Do Content Marketing Campaigns Fail? Interview with Shelley Walsh


StartUp Diary

A narrative-style podcast from Adam Callow of tells a week-by-week (mostly) tale of starting a bootstrap business from scratch. There are failures and successes, but he’s now three years into his podcasting journey and his business has grown into a team of ten, so that should give you some idea that he’s not just talking nonsense.

Episode to get hooked on: Just start at the start – it’s a story after all. #1 StartUp Diary Why We’re Doing A Podcast


Women in Business

A series of six (with bonus episodes) podcasts from NatWest, supporting and celebrating women in UK business. Hosted by June Sarpong, expect inspiring interviews, advice and personal stories that will appeal to business leaders of any gender. It’s also been shortlisted for the British Podcast Awards 2018.

Episode to get hooked on: #5 Networking, Travel and Martha Lane Fox


The Disruptive Entrepreneur

Rob Moore has any number of accolades under his belt. From three Guinness World Records to best-selling books to a multi-million pound property portfolio. And he wants you to be different.

At the heart of his ‘disruptive entrepreneurship’ lies the need to constantly challenge what you see and do, to move away from the bland and boring, and towards the need shake things up.

Episodes vary between interviews, personal rants and motivational speaking-type lessons. His style is a bit like that other British favourite, Marmite, but it’s consistently rated the UK’s number 1 business podcast, so you might enjoy him with some tea and toast too.

Episode to get hooked on: #206 No One is Better Than You, Just Different Than You



An award-winning podcast with a difference. Changeability explores how you can change your mind, set and achieve better goals, and ultimately have a better, happier and more successful life and business. You’ll find self-help techniques and ways to improve yourself with none of the usual terrible clichés. It’s unique, refreshing, and nowhere near as hippy-dippy as it sounds…

Episode to get hooked on: #3 Subconsious Brain Power – The Library In Your Brain


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