5 Work Life Balance Tips

  • 5 Work Life balance tips
  • Start a hobby
  • Spend time with friends

Michael Godsmark,

August 3, 2015

When working on your own business, it can become difficult to know when to stop.

Whilst this drive is generally needed at start up and building times in the business, if it’s continued it can lead to burn out and illness. Precisely what’s not needed when you’re the boss!

Here are our work life balance tips:

Start a new class or hobby

This is great for giving you a different focus away from work.

When I first set up on my own, I joined a Spanish class in Manchester to ensure that I wasn’t sat on my own all week. It helped me learn a little Spanish (making a trip to Spain more enjoyable) and it gave me cut off times at work.

You could also learn to play a new musical instrument, helping give you the switch off you need.

Join a sports club

If you did a sport in youth, find out if they have any adults or masters section. If you didn’t, why not try the thing you’ve always spoken about but never found chance.

Or if you used to play football, you could join a 5 a side league, or even arrange one with your friends.

Whilst the gym can be equally good, I find a sports club is better as you feel like you’re letting team mates down if you don’t go. Forcing you to finish that project or prioritise better to get finished and meet your new pals!

Read a novel

I tend to read a lot of business and financial news. Whilst this enables me to stay on top of things I need to know, it can lead to feeling like I’m always working. I find reading a novel relaxes me and helps me sleep better.

A customer of ours recommends writing in a journal at the end of the day. He says this helps him sleep deeper as he’s emptied his head of anything that might make him restless in bed, dealing with and resolving the issues in the journal.

Make time with friends and family

What’s the point of having a multimillion pound business if you’ve no-one to share it with?

Make time for family and friends now, even when you’re busy. You’ll need them when times are hard and want to share with them in the good times.

If you’ve invested all of your money in your business and have no money to go out, invite people around for dinner (or yourself around to friends), go for a walk or a game of football on the local park.

Learn to prioritise – and to say no

You’re always going to have too much to do if you say yes to everyone.  You need to learn to guard your time as much as possible.

At the end of your day, write three things that you’ve done that day that have helped you move forward to your objectives. Then write three things that you will do tomorrow that will move you forward tomorrow.

This should focus your mind away from the unimportant but time-sapping tasks which may already take over your day.

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Michael is an enthusiastic and cheerful individual who, when not hard at work, enjoys mountain biking, cooking curry and travelling to new places.


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